Sponsor a Prayer Space

Sponsor a Prayer Space at VRIC!

Only $1000 per prayer space
Help VRIC reach our goal of moving into our new home by sponsoring one or more Prayer Spaces. Each Prayer Space is an adequate space for 1 person to perform their Salah (Prayer). You get the reward of 1 person’s prayer forever as a continuous charity! For only $1,000, you can gain eternal reward for all prayers that are done for the space that you sponsor.
There are only 1,500 spaces available, and once they are all donated, then the doors for this specific donation and reward will be closed.


The construction is ongoing, with the foundation work starting! The estimated completion is towards the Middle of 2018!

The completely finished out facility will include a brother’s and sister’s prayer area, mommy/daddy rooms,  conference rooms,  kids playground and lots of love, compassion, and hospitality.


We believe the masjid should go beyond just a house of worship. We want everyone to consider the masjid as their home. A welcoming place, a place where people feel comfortable, a place they feel they belong. (women, men, youth of all ages)

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