Prayer Timings

You can now download and print a detailed prayer times schedule for VRIC.  Click here to access the PDF.
Ramadan Schedule

Community Iftars

Community Iftars will take place every Friday and Saturday during the month of Ramadan.


There will be 20 rak’at taraweeh led by the following huffaz:

  • Imam Saif Shiaab
  • Hafidh Khubaib
  • Yassir Mirza
  • Moosa Arif
  • Hamza Younus

Salatul Isha will be led by Sh. Yaser Birjas or Sh. Omar Suleiman. We will finish the Qur’an on the 29th of Ramadan Insha’Allah.

Halaqa on the Qur’an will be given after the first eight (8) rak’at of taraweeh.

Qiyam-ul-layl will be during the last 10 days of Ramadan.

Jumu’ah Salat

We will have two Jumu’ah salat during the month of Ramadan. The first Jumu’ah khutbah will be at 1:45 PM while the second khutbah will be at 3:00 PM.

General Ramadan Policies

The following policies have been adopted to ensure that all members of the VRIC community are able to enjoy and attain maximum benefit from the month of Ramadan. Please see the policies here:

General Ramadan Policy

Fundraising for Expansion/Operations

Insha’Allah we will be having our fundraising event to support Expansion and Operations on Friday, June 16th, 2017.  Further details to be posted.

The Spiritual Retreat (Itikaf)

Itikaf will be held in the last 10 days of Ramadan. If you plan to take part, please sign-up in advance by emailing us at . Due to safety and planning issues, we have 10 spots available this year and will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. We will not be able to accommodate any more once the count of 10 is completed. No children under the age of 18 will be allowed to stay in Itikaf without their parent accompanying them.

Parking during Jumu’ah and Evenings

During Jumu’ah prayers parking is allowed in designated areas or as directed by police officers. There is absolutely NO Parking allowed at the Dentist Office and Dry Cleaners. Any illegally parked vehicles will be subject to immediate towing, at the owner’s expense.

Security guards will be employed in the evenings to direct traffic and maintain security and control during Ramadan.

During the evenings, parking is available at:

  • Main parking lots
  • Extended parking lot
  • Adjacent day care and Walgreens pharmacy (only the parking stalls facing Valley Ranch Pkwy and MacArthur Blvd)

Nightly Childcare

VRIC has made special arrangements this Ramadan for Professional Childcare for children ages 12 months – 8 years. We have leased a portion of the Pierce Daycare center next to VRIC and contracted a Licensed Childcare Service to make it easier for parents during Taraweeh prayers.

The service is available at no cost to everyone, but the suggested donation amount is $10 a night! This will ensure we can pay for the sitters and the use of the Pierce Daycare center.  Donate here!
Please check the Guidelines below about how to sign up.

Since there is no charge for the service, we encourage all parents to enroll their kids every night in the Kid Kare program. If you choose to keep your kids with you in the Mommy & Me room, then the parent must remain with their child at all times. No children are allowed in the Mommy & Me room alone. Lastly, children causing a disturbance to those that are praying in the Mommy & Me room will be required to go to the VRIC Kid Kare program.

VRIC’s Ramadan Childcare Service is unique and we expect high demand for it. Therefore, placement in the Childcare Service each night is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so we highly recommend that parents arrive early.

Important Notes & Guidelines

  • Childcare offered from 9:30PM – 12:00AM Sunday—Thursday & 8PM—12:00AM Fri/Sat
  • Enter from the rear gate, near the playground
  • Children must be fed prior to arriving for Childcare Services
  • Driver’s License or photo ID will be required to drop off/pickup child
  • First-come first-served basis.
  • No food will be served to the kids during Kid Kare
  • Parents will be texted to go to Kid Kare if the child needs a diaper change.
  • Parents are expected to remain at VRIC while their children are in Kid Kare.
  • No children are allowed in the playground or in the Pierce patio area.
  • Parents should set their phones on vibrate to be aware if they are being notified about their child and should come     promptly if texted/called.
  • Pick up you child before midnight. Late fees to parents will be charged to cover extra costs to the sitters and Admin.

Water will be provided to the children, but no outside food or drink is allowed. Please make sure your children had a healthy meal before bringing them to Kid Kare.

Fill out both liability forms, email them to and download the Kid Check App before bringing your child to Kid Kare the first time. If you would like to bring the forms in person, please make sure you have completed and signed them and downloaded the Kid Check App before you drop off your child the first time.

Both the liability forms and the document to download the Kid Check App is available next to the men’s shoe area.
Seeking Sitters Waiver Form
VRIC Ramadan Kid Kare Liability Form
Kid Check App Info

Khatamul Qur’an

Khatamul Quran Night Agenda:

  • Finish the 30th Juz in Taraweeh
  • After Khatam, Hafidh Omar Yousuf will lead the witr with dua
  • That will be followed by Dua in English by Sh Omar Suleiman
  • Dessert will be distributed at the conclusion

Zakat al Fitr

Please pay your Zakat al-Fitra ($10 per person in your household) as soon as possible. This is a right of those that are less fortunate, so they can enjoy the celebration of Eid as well. In order to facilitate the distribution of all Fitra funds before the Eid prayer, we will stop taking Fitra on June 22nd.


At VRIC we following a global moonsighting policy and will announce the day of Eid in accordance with this.


This Ramadan, VRIC will continue the #VRICares initiative to give back to our local communities here in the DFW area. Whether it is distributing food boxes and water bottles from our Community Iftars to the homeless or collecting Toys for children at the Children’s Hospital of Dallas; our community is committed to making a positive change in society.